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August 2023


Grytsbergs Säteri


Photos by Katarina Lyck, @katarinalyckphotography

Makeup and hairstyling for the bride and her bridesmaids, as well as mother and other special guests. A trial for the bride's makeup and hairstyling was done prior to the wedding day as well as in detailed consultation regarding schedule, guest's stylings and other details.
A total of 5 hairstyles and 3 makeups.
For this kind of busy morning it is crucial to plan well ahead the timeline and it's important to give the stylist as much information as possible regarding of the guest's preferences for their styling, so an accurate schedule can me made. The starting time was set at 8:00, beginning with both bridesmaid's hairstyling. Then the bride's styling, having her ready by 12, and right after the remaining guests, while the couple had their photoshoot before the wedding ceremony. With even having time for a last minute inquiry from a guest for makeup. Everybody ready by 14:00, no assistant needed in this occasion.

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